We Repair Appliances – Terms and Conditions (Appliance Repair)

What is included

  • The call out and labour charge includes VAT, this covers the engineer to attend and do a full diagnostic, first time fix without parts and his return visit if parts required. This fee is taken upon the engineer’s arrival before any work carried out. He carries a card reader with him which will be used, no cash/cheques to be accepted. 
  • Parts are chargeable on top; they will be quoted to you and payment taken up front if you wish to continue with the repair. *If the engineer uses VAN STOCK on site the office will quote you and again the card reader will be used. If the engineer attends out of office hours and a quote cannot be obtained, he will only use parts up to the value of £50.00 on site without authority*
  • Full testing and a professional safety check. 
  • Repair of a single fault as entered in the ‘Fault Box’ at the point of booking. 

What is not included

  • Commercial appliances or domestic appliances installed in commercial premises. 
  • Appliances situated in caravans or on boats
  • Food loss or spoilage
  • Repairs as a result of misuse, negligence or poor installation
  • Repairs as a result of appliance being affected by flood damage or infestation 
  • Repairs to appliances which have not been installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Appliances which differ from the details used to obtain the quote, including the age of the appliance. 
  • Appliances over 8 years old and the parts are found to be obsolete
  • Refrigeration products such as fridges, freezers, air conditioning units, dehumidifiers and certain tumble dryers require refrigerant gas to operate correctly. If your appliance requires refrigerant system work, we can only undertake this work where the gas type is R600a. We cannot carry out refrigerant system work on any other gas type. Please review the rating plate on your product to determine the gas type. 

If our engineer visits and finds that your repair falls into any of the above categories, we will cancel the repair and the job closed, the payment will still be taken. 

Your Appointment

1 – On completing the booking and acceptance of our terms, your card will be charged at the agreed fee on the arrival of the engineer.  

2 – You will receive an email booking confirmation, this will contain your job number and the date the engineer has been booked to visit. 

3 – Our engineer will arrive on the agreed date and carry out the repair to your appliance. If any part(s) are required, the engineer will submit the order request to the office and the part(s) information will be located and quoted to you within 1 working day of the call out. *If the part(s) cannot be located under the usual searches, a Part Number Enquiry will be raised, you will be notified of any delays via text message*

4 – Once parts located a quote will be made via telephone call to you, if authorised the payment for the part(s) will be taken via card payment. Once payment taken the parts will be ordered and received within 2 working days, unless they are out of stock which you will have been advised at point of quotation.*if you accept and continue with the repair and the parts are out of stock, the charge will not be refunded once taken, however if the part which is on back order then becomes obsolete, the payment made for the spare part will be refunded, the call out and labour charge will remain*

5 – It should be noted that unfortunately there are a handful of manufacturers whose parts are not easily sourced, and, in some cases, these must be obtained from abroad which will result in a delay in completing the repair. 

6 – All repairs will require full and easy access to the appliance (e.g., able to be moved from under a work surface without damaging the surrounding facia). If your appliance cannot be easily accessed to facilitate the repair, we reserve the right to abort the repair. In such instances we will refund you the original fee paid less a call out / administration charge of £45.00.

7 – Parking that gives reasonable access to your property must be provided for the engineer. if the parking is pay and display or permit controlled, it is your responsibility to arrange for the engineer to park free of charge for the duration of his visit. 

Changing or Cancelling Your Appointment

8 – You may change or cancel your appointment date at any time up to 13.00pm on the day before the original agreed call out date. If you wish to change or cancel your appointment, please email quoting your post code or call 01923204620. In this case you will receive a refund minus £30.00 administration fee. 

9 – If you cancel the appointment or whole repair any time after 13.00pm on the day before the original agreed call out date the original payment made is non-refundable. 

10 – If we must change the original agreed appointment date and the alternative date offered is not suitable, we will offer a full refund. 

11 – If you wish to cancel whilst your repair is in progress, for example, the engineer has visited once but will need to return to complete the repair, we will not refund any monies paid. If any parts have been fitted these are also non-refundable. 

If we cannot repair your appliance

12 – You will be notified by the engineer on site if he finds on his visit the repair is not possible. If on locating parts, it is found the parts are no longer available/obsolete a representative will call you to advise. The original fee paid is non-refundable.

Guarantee Period

13 – The repair is guaranteed to cover the initial fault for 90 days from the date the repair is completed. 

14 – If your appliance fails with the same fault as detailed in your initial repair, we will arrange to send the original engineer back to you at a mutually convenient time at no extra cost. In the event of the fault re-occurring during the guarantee period please call our Customer Service Department on 01923204620.

15 – If we have arranged for an engineer to re-visit but you subsequently wish to cancel you may do so up to 13.00 on the day before the agreed call out date. If you wish to cancel after this due or during the repair you will be charged a call out / administration fee of £20.00, which will be charged to the original card. Calls made directly to the engineer to request a re-visit are not covered under this guarantee.

16 – This guarantee does not cover any subsequent unrelated breakdown / fault(s) to the appliance. If you request and engineer re-visit and an alternative fault is found and you wish to continue with the repair, you will be given the option to purchase an additional repair at the original rate. 

The guarantee becomes invalid if the appliance is not used in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, moved with the property or to a new address.